Opportunities to explore

with individually created activities.

Our Life Enrichment Program encourages spiritual, social, intellectual, and recreational participation. Our programs are developed according to each guest’s needs, interest level and ability to participate. Our activities engage guests, family members, volunteers and staff. Our calendar of events is posted in the Life Enrichment area and in each guest’s room on a monthly basis. We encourage volunteers during Life Enrichment activities.

Local Talents

We offer our guests local talents like the Arizona Story Teller, Oro Valley Historical Society, Native American Flutes, Qi Gong, Drum/Sound Circle, a folk guitarist and singer, Rick Steve’s Travelogue to Europe and many other local artists. Also, our Life Enrichment Program offers group or personal experience with aromatherapy, color therapy and sound therapy.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make sure our guests have the best quality of life during their recovery and rehabilitation, by providing them with the opportunity to stay active and connected within the Copper Health Oro Valley community.